Qualifications MA in Screenwriting. University of the Arts.

Theatre Scripts –
Vienna’s English Theatre
Touring schools and theatres throughout Austria
Hamlet – an adaptation. 4 actors – 60 minutes
The Makeover – themes of self-discovery. 4 actors – 60 minutes
Pretty Shrewd – an adaptation of Taming of the Shrew. 4 actors – 60 minutes.
A Picture – an adaptation of A Picture of Dorian Gray. 4 actors – 60 minutes.
Virtual Heroes – themes of bullying. 4 actors 50 minutes.
Pitch Black – an adaptation of Othello. 4 actors 60 minutes.
Macbeth – an adaptation. 4 actors 60 minutes.
Romy & Julian – themes of love, self-discovery and peer pressure. 4 actors. 60 minutes.
Dance Class – themes of communication, bullying, getting round the system. 4 actors. 60 minutes.
Revolting Britons – the story of Boudicca – a comedy. 4 actors - 50 minutes.
The Canterville Ghost- an adaptation. 4 actors 60 minutes.

The Dockyard Plays-
Performed at Chatham Historic Dockyard
A Roper's Tale - the lives and work of C19th rope-makers. 4 actors. 50 minutes.
Sails for the Victory - Sail-making and The Victory. 4 actors. 50 minutes.
Engines of War - Drake and the Spanish Armada. 4 actors. 50 minutes.
The Great Mutiny - the Nore Mutiny of 1797. 4actors. 50 minutes.
Jack Nastyface - an adaptation of William Robinson's C19th autobiography. Performed also at Greenwich Maritime Museum and Portsmouth Naval Museum by All Hands Theatre of Puppets. 2actors. 40 minutes.

Performed at the National Maritime Museum
The Cat and the Captain - Matthew Flinders' charting of Australia with his cat, Trim. Two actors. 35 minutes.

Community Theatre Scripts-
Performed by Forest Forge Theatre Company
Wild Weekend – a comedy. Four young people learn the hard way whist camping in the New Forest. 4 actors 90 minutes.
Tea for Two - love and romance during the silver jubilee of George IV. Scripted from improvisations with the company. Toured day and residential centres for the elderly. 3 actors. 60 minutes.
Radio Days - life at home during World War Two, through the pastiche of wireless programmes. Toured day and residential centres for the elderly. 5 actors. 60 minutes.
A Family Album - A family reforming after World War Two. Scripted from improvisations with the company.
Toured residential and day centres for the elderly. 5 actors. 60 minutes.

Science Plays-
Performed by Molecule Theatre of Science on a UK middle scale tour
The Bottle Garden - on the environment. Compatible with the national curriculum key stage 2. 5 actors. 90 minutes.
Produced by The British Council in Malaysia and performed at the KBN Theatre Kuala Lumpur
Bodyguards - health and the body. Compatible with the key stage 2 .For 8 to 14 years. 5 actors. 90 minutes.

Children’s Plays-
Performed by Blunderbus Children’s Theatre Company
The Wonky Donkey – An adaptation of the picture book. For key stage 1. 2 actors. 50 minutes.
Performed by Contact Theatre Company
It's My Sky, Too - For 4 to 7 years. On the theme of playing together. A companion piece to Justus Neuburger’s It’s My Sky! 3 actors. 25 minutes.

Performed by Maybe Theatre Company - Gdansk
A Christmas Carol - adaptation of Dickens's story. 9 actors. 90 minutes.
Performed at Contact Theatre and Elephant Theatre.
Hooligan - a short play about the trials of adolescence. 2 actors. 30minutes.

The Third Man – adaptation of Graeme Greene’s novel. 5 actors. 90 minutes.
The Bench - exploring the attitude to suicide amongst young people. 4 actors. 60 minutes.
Double Trouble – adaptation of Comedy of Errors. 4 actors. 50 minutes.
Café Inferno – adaptation of Marlowe’s Dr Faustus. 3 actors. 60 minutes.
Frankenstein – adaptation of Mary Shelly’s novel. 2 actors. 60 minutes.
2 Clowns – an elderly clown passes on his routines to a young actor. 2 actors 60 minutes.

Television Scripts-
Playdays - Tent Stop 35 x 20 minute scripts for 3 - 7 years. Felgate Productions for CBBC.
Playdays - Roundabout Stop 5 x 20 minute scripts for 3 to 7 years. Felgate Productions for CBBC.
Beachcomber Bay 65 x 23 minute scripts for 3-5 years. Channel 5.
Squeak! 8 x 20 minute scripts for 3-5 years. Scottish Television.
Our House 6 x 20 minute scripts for pre-school children. Scottish Television for GMTV.
Furry Tales 8 x 8 minute stories for 3-5 years. Scottish Television.

Film Scripts-
Faith feature length spy thriller set in Tudor England.

Short Films made by ALRA-
History A woman suffering from depression links with the past to solve her present problems.
Palliative Care A journalist discovers a ghostly palliative care unit at his local hospital.
Fresher’s Night Love, lust and life at the start of university life.
Bare Facts On the morning of his wedding the groom wakes up naked in a car in town, without keys.
Brenda’s Place Flat sharing has a rapid turnover at Brenda’s, until the girls discover why.
6 Covers The trajectory of a relationship over lunch.
The Famous Fives A woman’s five a side aims for the top, with the help of a professional footballer.
Pure Attraction Vampires want the blood of a virgin. Will a speed-dating event reveal all?
The Guide A museum guide tries to solve an ancient murder mystery.

Educational Video-
Discover and Play 3 x 30 minute. Educational scripts for 5 to 8 years. Two-Can Publishing.

Business Training Scripts-
Performanceworks: River Sounds – Effective Management. Varian Medical Systems.
A Mountain to Climb – Team building. A&B.
Wringing the Changes – Change Management. A&B.
The Proof of the Pudding – team relationships and dynamics. OPRA.
Trade Secrets: Managers Behaving Badly – effective management. Royal Mail.
AKT Productions: Saving Amsterdam – effective management. TMI.

Exhibition Scripts-
Wooden Walls - a dialogue soundtrack for a permanent exhibition on wooden shipbuilding. Chatham Historic Dockyard

Novels -
Naked Frailties A comedy whodunit. A small touring company of actors run away for a camping holiday in France. Things take a dark turn when they find the head of their artistic director in the costume skip. One of them must have done it.
A Canvas Sky Dark Comedy. A middle manager misses out on promotion when seriously caught out by an actress in a business training role-playing session. Seeking revenge the manager turns the role-playing into real life scenarios aimed at destroying the actress.
Russell Crunch A children’s adventure. Russell Crunch’s favourite food is cornflakes. But when the dreaded cornflake crake decimates the corn fields of the USA, mayhem ensues. Can Russell save the cornflake with is one special power?

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